Summer Bummer: Make The Most Of Your Sunny Workdays

The temperature is going up and the sunny days are becoming more and more, and you’re still stuck at work. While missing out on a perfect summer day may be make the work week feel like a punishment, there are a few easy hacks to making the most of your summer while you’re at work, and they don’t involve playing hooky or faking sick. 

Make A Great Playlist

Nothing makes a mood change faster than a great, fun playlist. From fast electronic to groovy rock classics, making a great playlist can really help to boost your mood and keep that bounce in your step while you work on a sunny day. Not sure what to play? Spotify has tons of pre-made playlists to keep you working for the weekend with extra pep in your step. Did somebody say Dock Rock?

Move Outside

Need a little fresh air? Take your laptop outside! Instead of getting your quick and easy mobile order from Starbucks, try sitting on a local cafe patio while you sip your soy latte. Soaking in a little sun and getting outside can help to boost your mood, productivity and even help you get a little jump start on that summer tan. 

Ice Cream Office Culture

Think coffee is the only common thread with your coworkers? Not a chance! Why not switch up the usual afternoon java for some tropical popsicles or ice cream cones? Not only has a positive office culture recently proven to help lower stress and anxiety, it is a great way to take a minute to enjoy a slice of summer and get to network and socialize with your office mates. Not to mention, you’ll quickly become the most popular one in the office!

Friendly Fridays

It’s no secret that you’re likely watching that clock slowly tick by until 5pm on a Friday. However, when the weather is nice, why not relax a bit after work? Instead of sprinting out of the office to race to a busy commute, why not hang back a bit? Hit a patio, walk in the sun for a bit of the way, or ask some office mates to grab a cold beer. Ending the work week with some relaxation can help you to destress and prepare for the perfect weekend – weather permitting!

Change Up Your Commute

Morning commutes can be a real mood killer, especially when it is hot and sunny and you’re on your way to a long day at the office. Make the most of it! If you take public transit or live close, why not try some walking or biking to get a little exercise and time outside before the day starts. Trust us, this is a huge mood booster! If you drive to work, try avoid the stuffy highways and leave a bit earlier for the more scenic route. Pop the windows down, put on some tunes and enjoy a more relaxed ride into work, you won’t believe the difference it will make. 

Switch Up Your Schedule

While many entrepreneurs can make their own hours, that’s not always the case for everyone, especially employees. However, there are some ways to still snag some extra sun time during the work week. For one, if you make your own hours, try shifting them a little. Coming in an hour early can help you to leave a little early on a hot Friday afternoon. Reporting to someone higher up? Suggest the idea! Plenty of small businesses offer their employees “summer hours” and allow for the schedule shifting on Friday afternoon – Always worth asking!

Lighten Your Lunch

When it’s hot and sunny and you’re stuck inside, the last thing you want to do is weigh down your mood even more with a heavy lunch. Try lightning up with some fun naturally flavoured waters throughout the day and a salad for lunch. Keeping it light can keep your energy level up and give you that extra boost to enjoy the daylight hours after quitting time instead of going home to slump down on the couch!

Being stuck indoors during the summer months can be tough, especially when the sunny days first start rolling in. However, keeping up with these few simple tricks can really help you to make the most of those short summers, even if it is only a few extra hours a week. So go ahead, relax, it’s summer after all. 

Rework Your Workplace: How To Better Manage Work Fatigue

When the weather gets gloomy and the work weeks get draining, it can be hard to find some motivation to get going and be productive in the work place. Whether it’s a slow pace or an overload of stress that has you feeling in a slump, there are a few easy ways to quickly revamp your work space, even in a shared office!

Move Your Furniture

Ever heard of Feng Shui? Well, consider this a similar concept. While you may not need to find the energy centre of your office, sometimes moving your desk around can help you to refresh. Try turning it a new direction, sitting in a new spot or even just sitting on the other side. Believe it or not, studies have suggested that slight changes in environment can help to spark new ideas and imagination, which may be the boost your mid-week slump needs.

Add Personal Touches

A shared environment can make it different to really personalize your working space, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add some homey touches. Try adding something decorative like a plant or personal item to your desk to perk your mood. Having items that give you a more at-home feel can help to reduce work-related stress and settle anxiety. Not to mention, interior decor can really help to boost your mood.  

Let The Light In

Sitting under bright lights for an extended period of time can actually be detrimental to your productivity. While the old-fashioned fluorescent tubes may not been seen as much, bright overhead lighting can still cause you to feel drained and sleepy. Try adding a soft lamp to your office or desk or opening the blinds instead of using harsh overhead lighting. Reducing the brightness on your computer screen can also help you to feel less drained, and can help to reduce dry eyes and headaches throughout the day. 

Have A Break Place

Typically people think if “taking a break” as getting a coffee or hanging by the water cooler for a few minutes, however people generally need more than that. A good get-up-and-stretch can really help to get the blood reflowing and reset your mind. Try going for a quick walk around the block to get some fresh air and little movement or enjoy your cup of coffee on a nearby bench or park. Take a breath, remove yourself from the office environment for a few minutes and see how quickly your enthusiasm and productivity spark back up. 

Meditation & Quiet Time

In recent years, meditation has made ground breaking advances in its benefits in the battle against stress and anxiety. If you’re feeling drained by midweek, try take a quiet break to be alone without your work. Find a quiet corner or nearby park, grab a seat and relax. Breathe, be present and let your mind flush out the panic and stresses. Mindful meditation is also readily available on various smartphones app to help you get started. Long commute home? Try taking a few minutes near the end of the day to grab a quiet break to prevent taking your stresses home. 

In a world where everyone is hustling to rise to the top of social and economic ladder, it can be overwhelming for your mind and body. Finding a balance and a few tricks to help you get through the work week with ease can really help to promote a positive environment, outlook and mindset. Whether you’re in a shared office or sitting solo in cubicle, it is important to remember these simple ways of managing your stress and creating a better headspace for you and your coworkers.