5 Things You’ll Start Doing In A Co-Working Office

An Obsession With Lunch

Gone are the days of tossing a sloppy ham sandwich into a ziplock baggie and heading out. You’re now in the world of communal kitchens, group lunch tables and more importantly, the millennial lunch makers. This means it’s time to bring your A-game. We’re talking hearty salads, cracked wheat Artisan sandwich bread, raw veggies to snack on, and don’t forget the reusable water bottle to go with it. 

Sleep Because A Top Resource

Once you start working those 9-5 hours, it can feel a little tough to set that 7am alarm each morning. While you will get into the swing of things and having structure can be a good way to stay on track, you’ll start to notice that those Saturday sleep-ins are worth more than imagined, and those late weeknight Netflix binges will have you second guessing if they can wait until the weekend. 

Attitude Adjustment

Like any job, keeping your cool during a time of frustration or anger isn’t always easy. However, when you’re working in a shared office environment, you need to be extra careful of those around you. Beside keeping the gossip to a minimum, you’ll start to notice a lot of “thanks so much” is being slipped into your daily verbiage. Just like elementary school, learning to share and accept the annoying traits of others in the classroom is all part of the keeping a peaceful environment for everyone. Jessica borrowed your charger and didn’t return it to you until Monday? Steven jammed the printer again instead of asking for help? These things are bound to happen, so let the little things slide and keep your office as harmonious as possible. 

The Endless Tabs

Since the days of written files and folders are behind you and everything is on our computers, you’ll start to notice how many tabs your little fingers get going in a single day. From work reports, to multiple online search tabs, music, a photo of your dog, an Amazon page to that thing you kept debating on buying. The tab life is part of your world now, let it happen. Take those super slow final 15 minutes of your Friday afternoon to close them all down and start fresh for Monday. 

Adventures In Coffee

Standard coffee in a styrofoam cup? Maybe in 1993. Most modern offices have some pretty wild coffee bars and coffee systems for you to amp up your daily java mix. Whether it be a touch screen machine or a funky little cafe, you’ll start swapping your “medium 2 sugar” for something that sounds more like something you’d hear in an episode of Gossip Girl. Embrace the change, plus it’s a great way to find some delicious options. 

Coworkers Become Work Friends

When you work in a shared office environment it often allows for not only more diversity, but also a more social setting. You will be around people from different businesses, different areas of your company and even students. This can really help you to find a friendly connection with some work people. Having a sort of “work friend” can help to boost your mood, and give you a nice little mental break for some chitchat or even an afterwork drink! 

Whether you are transitioning from a more traditional style office setting or you are starting fresh on the 9-5 grind, office life can be great. It can help you to build structure, create new relationships and even broaden your own personal interests that you never even knew you had. Thinking about making the change to a co-working space? Check out all the incredible options Toronto’s own Spacie has to offer businesses of any size. 

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