Workin’ For The Weekend: How To Better Manage Your Work Week

The Sunday scaries. The Monday struggle. The midweek slump. When the work week fatigue starts to hit, what do you do? No matter what field of you’re in, everyone knows the feeling of trying to just make it to the weekend, and pull through another week of work-life stress. What if there were a few tips and tricks along the way to help you manage your stress, energy and even polish off Friday with a smile? 


The most dreaded day of the week is Monday. Back to the 7am alarm clock, rush hour traffic and starting the week off all over again. However, Monday is actually a perfect time to set yourself up for an easier workweek. While Monday mornings can be a hectic game of catchup, they are actually the best day to regroup, schedule and plan. By taking time during your Monday morning to plan your week and reevaluate your tasks and goals, you’re less likely to feel flustered and burn out before the weekend. So grab your whiteboard or Google calendar, and map out a plan for what you need to do, when you need to do it by and who you need involved. Don’t forget to schedule your personal life, too – It will help you stay on track and stay less stressed throughout the week. 


Studies show that Tuesday is the best day of the week to schedule meetings. The logic comes based on the fact that the Monday mayhem has cooled, and the midweek slump hasn’t set in yet. This is the perfect day to get all your meetings and conferences scheduled, done and out the way. By keeping your meetings scheduled to a specific block of time or day, you are less likely to break focus on other tasks later in the week, and can stay on track and running smoothly. Not to mention, if you happen to work in marketing or sales, Tuesday has been shown to be the most popular day for positive client impact. 


Hump day! We’ve all felt the struggle of Wednesday. The fatigue is catching up, our necks are sore from hunching over a desk. Wednesday is a great day to schedule a little self-care and relaxation. Today is the perfect day to treat yourself to a nice lunch and take a little breather. Do some stretching in the local park over lunch hour, take a quick 15 to go for a walk or reorganize your desk. Experts say that breaking up the work day midweek can lower stress, revive energy and lead to a more productive closeout of the week. Not to mention, YouTube has hundreds of free stretching tutorials you can do right at your desk! So go ahead, take a little time to yourself.


Thirsty Thursday, Friday Junior, the its-almost-the-weekend work day! Thursday is the perfect day to start prepping for the closeout of the week. While you’ve got one more early left before your Saturday sleep-in, giving a little extra effort on Thursday can make your Friday a breeze. Use this day to finish up any projects, tie up loose ends and gather any final pieces you may need. As  plenty of people cut out early on Friday or take a long lunch, making sure everything is lined up by end of day Thursday, means for your Friday afternoon can be stress free and an easy ride right into the weekend. So send your emails, make your calls and staple your files before you leave for the day, you’ll thank us tomorrow!


Fri-YAY. The end is near, the week is done and cool, crisp beer is just hours away. Can’t leave until 5pm? No problem. Since you already prepped and planned for the week, and tied up your loose ends on Thursday, you can relax a little bit. Get you materials together for Monday,  take a look at projects further on the horizon, knock off those tiny tasks you’ve haven’t been prioritizing. Keep it productive but casual, and watch how fast the clock clicks into the weekend. Slow your stress pace a little, you’ve earned it. 

No matter what your office environment is, there is always a basic workweek structure. By taking a little breather and mapping out your Monday to Friday, you can help to reduce your stress and anxiety, while increasing productivity. Looking to switch up your office space? Take a look at all the amazing options Spacie has available for every business size.